Social media is hurting you more than you know

It’s been spoken about consistently since our lives became so encompassed by social media, even more so during COVID has social media been more present in our lives and used to stay in touch with others. What people don’t usually tell us when we follow all the celebrities and ‘influencers’ is how bad this is for our mental health. We are watching the smaller percentage of humanity that reflects perfection and that isn’t just because they are beautiful, rich humans but because they filter and edit their posts

A few years ago, I decided to unfollow anybody or page on my social media that made me feel bad or low about myself. I cleaned out my Twitter and Instagram and left only people or pages that I felt happy to look at every day, this also eliminated pages that tempted me to shop and spend money on things I really didn’t need, but wanted

It isn’t the models on Instagram’s fault or the houses for a billion dollars that made me feel shitty, its society that use these platforms to encourage us to aim and want for the unattainable so we settle and purchase things that are often unnecessary and still above our price range but make us feel better

How often do we watch high end celebrities flying on private jets or reality stars getting free packages from all the brands we love? How often do we think they use the nine different face serums they’re gifted and for long enough to know its effects? What people don’t think about is the effect this is having on us mentally without even realising it.

We spend our lives watching the .0001% of best looking, richest and successful people and wonder why we don’t feel confident in ourselves. Do you remember having these feelings as a teenager or a child because I don’t, I remember being more worried about Susie having the same new backpack as me. Now we worry that we will never afford the Gucci belt Kendall Jenner is wearing on her size 0 supermodel body. have outlined the vicious cycle social media has on us:


In order to see if these things are effecting you, I suggest asking yourself the following

  • Do you feel like you would be more productive without social media?
  • Do you purchase things you see online because they look good on others?
  • Do you feel inspired or uninspired when you watch people you don’t knows lives?
  • Do you take photos that are ‘Instagram’ worthy more than just taking them because you like what you see?

If you answer yes to any of the above, I would highly recommend you spend some time off social media and deleting or unfollowing anyone who you don’t know personally or makes you feel any kind of negativity about yourself and your life


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