Iso Weight is a very real thing

It’s no secret a lot of us have gained the dreaded ‘iso weight’ but the time is coming (eventually) when we will have to see people again and show some skin.

How do we go from being in our sweats all day every day to warm days causing us to rifle through our cupboards to find something that fits? Australians have sold out companies that sell ‘loungewear’ and influencers like Rozalia Russian have been going as far as to use the pandemic to sell their own brand of sweats. It shows how much we have all loved an aspect of staying home and not having to glow up and show up.

Now that spring has bloomed and we can feel summer in the horizon along with some freedom, I tried to fit into a summery top and spent the good part of an hour staring at myself in the mirror frustrated and on the verge of tears at my swollen body.

Now is the time to get up off the couch and get moving. The start of any regime that involves healthy eating and exercising usually makes me start sweating before i even put any action to my plan. I have listed a few steps below that can help us and the experts advice (Full disclosure i am not a PT or a nutritionist by any means)

APPS to download (I don’t recommend buying them until you use the free trial to its end)

SWEAT – Kayla Itsines has made millions from her workout program and the proof is in the pudding. She now has an incredible new program with no weights required and you can literally do it in your lounge room or bedroom.

FitOn – This has videos that you can watch for free with different exercises and times of classes, it has great reminders for your calendar and keeps you feeling involved if you prefer settings with other people

BARE – Leah Itsines is a qualified personal trainer and has a massive following, her last name is familiar because she is Kayla’s sister. However, with her own merit she has created a food plan called BARE which stands for Basic And Realistic Eating. The food guide is exactly that, i have used it on and off for two years now and can agree it doesn’t leave you feeling stressed and has really helpful tools like a meal planner and shopping list.

CALM – I am fairly new to this app but can’t recommend it enough, if you fancy listening to Harry Styles reading you a nighttime story and some meditation music then this is the app for you. It offers night stories, sounds and meditations along with other mindful helps.


Move! Take the stairs instead of the elevator, set a goal of 5,000 steps and each week try moving the goal a bit higher

Walk to the grocery store if you’re just going for something small – don’t try do your weekly shop and carry it home, it can be a struggle.

Eat raw veggies while cooking to stop you from snacking, i like to have cut up carrot next to me so i do not snack on the food I’m cooking.

Do your exercise first thing in the morning so it’s done, research shows if you wait until late in the day your chances of doing it lowers.

Plan your meals out, do one food shop for the week and make a healthy snack to have for the week

Learn your danger times when it comes to snacking and keep a chore for that time especially, for example if its afternoon wait until then to do your laundry or go for a walk.

The most important thing to remember is your health is your wealth and it isn’t represented in your weight, or size. Each body is beautiful.


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