Why do I have to online date?

Online dating is awful, I mean is there any other word that accurately describes it better? At the starting point it’s choosing photographs that you don’t pout in, make sure you look like you have friends oh and write something good in your Bio. That’s not even the most daunting part of it all, then there’s the initial conversation starter, where just saying hello isn’t enough.

People in long term relationships think it’s just this buffet of men and women to choose from, reality is it’s becoming more and more like a selection of a who won’t annoy you the most long term.

Lately I’ve really taken notice of all the Bios that leave me tilting my head in confusion, I mean does ‘I hardly wb on here, add my insta” actually work? If you hardly write back on Tinder, why would you write back on Instagram more?

While I have some small amount of respect for the guys that actually put a bit of effort into it, adding statements like “looking for an intelligent, articulate, body confident, fit, fun woman” while looking like you just rolled out of bed really gets me swiping right. Also, on what planet is it ever acceptable for a grown man to send you an unsolicited dick pic, you don’t even have to say hello these days before you get one, just open the notification and Voila! A little dick pic (or big depending on the image i guess)

Not that long ago my sister told me if I wanted to find a man I had to go online and pay a dating site for help and not use apps like Tinder.

Accurate display of my hostility

I answered her pretty forcibly that firstly, I wasn’t looking for a man and what made her think I had to pay for a site to meet someone?* I tried not to look at myself in the mirror to see what kind of state i looked to as not feel more offended. Why should we have to online date? Why can’t we meet people at the coffee shop or the supermarket, i hear stories where it happens it just doesn’t happen to me.

We all have the same complaints about online dating yet we continue to go on it, it has become more normalised to say ‘Hi’ online than in person. I dispute this, I whole heartedly think this needs to stop and I think every woman and man should do the same. Why can’t we chat in the pasta aisle or while we walk our dogs at the same park?

Online dating is making life too complicated and making us comfortable in choosing for pure photogenic reasons and I am not here for it.

(*Paying for online dating is not a problem and not the point of this post)


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