Ahhh Rome, the place I fell in love with and fell out of love in – to clarify I fell in love with Rome and travelling and fell out of love with a fiancé in Rome.

There is something about Italy and Rome especially that makes you feel like you are living a dream with the food, the people and the history is just leaves this giddy feeling inside of you.

Safety wise I never found Rome scary, I walked at night in the streets and got myself gelato , thanks to the ex who stayed in a pub to drink leaving me to walk back to the hotel alone) I certainly wouldn’t recommend it to anyone and advise you to get a better fiancé that takes care of you before himself!

If you find yourself in Rome do yourself a favour and book a guided tour in the Vatican and the Colosseum, while it may not feel worth it at the time I guarantee you afterwards and years later you will still be glad you did.

Rent bikes from your hotel and ride through parks, hunt down the little alley ways and find hidden trattorias (restaurants) and always ask for what they recommend as locals know best.

Always be careful of your bags and don’t touch anything from the children in the streets unless you want to pay a high price for it.

In terms of accomodation in Rome I have stayed in both Airbnb and hotels and recommend both for different reasons.

Airbnb is fantastic for wanting to feel like you are engrossed in where you are, you can buy your breakfast needs from the supermarket and make it yourself and you have the privacy of the place to yourself. The downside is no room service, no maid service and you must clean the property properly when you leave – which to most adults should be normal etiquette anyway.

Hotels are fantastic for the easy traveller, I always recommend getting somewhere with breakfast included but beware European breakfasts include a lot of pastries and cakes and may not be what you want to eat for breakfast everyday. Hotels with rental facilities like bicycles and a spa service are an extra luxury. Always do your homework when you are travelling and read the reviews and the fine print!

AIRPORT TRANSFERS – this sounds foreign to anyone who hasn’t used them (IYKYK) whenever you are going to a new country or place especially one that doesn’t use English as it’s first language, organise transfers before you get there. This can be done through your Airbnb or your hotel usually at an extra cost, this is worth it as it saves you on the hassle of finding a taxi or an Uber in a country where you don’t speak the language. You will also stand out like a tourist for obvious reasons with your luggage, a beacon for potential scammers, and you don’t know if your phone will be working if need be when you land.

Comment below if you want me to put some of the places I have stayed and recommend up.

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