Being alone isn’t lonely

Being alone doesn’t mean you are lonely, there are plenty of women who prefer eating out alone or going to the movies solo and it’s not taboo – its liberating.

What perplexes our parents but gives hope to our married friends is how fulfilling it can be, being single.

Being ‘self-partnered’ is choosing to focus on your own happiness and goals rather than searching and receiving validation and distraction from another.

Millions and millions of women around the world are making the decision to stop searching or waiting around for a significant other. People assume that when you’re in your thirties and single you have either given up or you’re desperate to meet someone – not always the case, in fact, not even really the case.

More and more women in their thirties are staying single because they are focusing on their careers, their own life and their own happiness.

What single thirty something women don’t have to worry about is coming home to a messy apartment that isn’t their mess or spending holidays with the in laws. Your thirties are the decade for financial gain, freedom of others opinions and embracing your body and self-worth.

Sure, we might not have a date to bring to a couple’s dinner but we don’t have to listen to our partners moaning and bitching about going to the dinner in the first place.

We all remember it worked well for her, right!?

The other big fact? Thirty is young and the year is 2020 times have changed, travelling on your own is inspiring, purchasing your first property alone is phenomenal.

Single women in their thirties are not having to consider freezing their eggs (is that even affordable?) if we want to have a child then we still have plenty of time to organise our options without rushing to the doctor.

Women in there 30s don’t need your pity, they need your celebration and recognition.

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