It’s no secret Spain is famous for its beaches, tapas and architecture but the real secret of Spain is how easy it would be to pack up and move there.

Whether you are going to Barcelona for the architecture or Ibiza for the parties, there is something in Spain for every single person. Travelling via the bullet train is easy and affordable while giving you a view of the countryside you might not have realised is there.

Spain has a multitude of islands for whatever type of holiday you are after, theres Ibiza which lives up to its name (ask anyone and they have a story or two they will never forget from a night out) Tenerife, Majorca, La Palma are all islands that populate year round, I recommend you take care not to travel during school holidays unless you want to be surrounded by English teens who don’t know when to stop.

If you are after a chilled holiday Valencia is perfect for exploring and for families or all included Alcudia in Majorca is phenomenal. You can easily find all inclusive resorts that cover your food and alcohol for a decent price.

Prepare to do a lot of walking if you are anywhere in Europe but especially in beach front towns with terrain that isn’t smooth, as much you will want to wear strappy sandals your best bet is going to be some comfy trainers and paired with a skirt or dress can still look cute.

Tapas is what Spain is known for but beware of over paying, ask friends for recommendations before you go and try something new!

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