How to keep your skin looking younger than your age


We didn’t grow up in the era of influencers, we learnt the hard way like every other 80s born babe that blue eyeshadow can in fact be applied too much (My girl had it wrong). Bright yellow glitter lipstick won’t get you a boyfriend and although it is easier now to apply make up and hide blemishes; you really need to take care of the skin underneath all the concealing and baking.

An actual display of my eyeshadow when i was 14

Why? Because in your thirties shit starts to get real and those bags under your eyes and fine lines are not going away after a weekend off the wine.

For years in my twenties i would tell people my great skin was from only washing it with warm water and a flannel. I was lying and I think I read that in a Dolly magazine- the reality was it was only great sometimes and when it wasn’t, I just didn’t go out in public when i had break outs.

I suffered from hormonal skin and still do to some degree, whenever it comes to that time of the month a lovely red spot or two decide to make themselves known in the most obvious places. Though my skin was never terrible i really didn’t take care of it like i should have, i slept in my makeup more often than not, I hardly drank water and I rarely exercised, the after effects of that was at 29 i realised i had to do something ASAP.

Having gone to all the big name spas like Endota, Liberty Belle and every other spa you can think of, spending big on facials that lead to owning products that sat expired in my cupboards for years. I find the best and cheapest way is trial and error.

I have tried many different avenues to prepare my skin and keep it looking young and the facts are who can afford LED face masks and monthly facials at the expensive day spas. I know i sure can’t. We get sold these products on social media of what will work best for our skin but have you ever seen someone with the same skin as you? Thats because we don’t have the same the skin as anyone else and what works for one, doesn’t always work for another. So what do we do to get our skin loving us like we love it:

The holy trinity of skin care really is sleep and water, there is no hiding tbehind botox because it only goes so far. So best advice really is to always remove your make up before bed, moisturise and whatever you do, do not touch your face.

Elizabeth Tanzi, founder and director of Capital Laser & Skin Care and associate clinical professor, department of dermatology at the George Washington University Medical Center in Washington, D.C says, “There are a lot of chemicals and irritants that get on our hands all day long that don’t belong on the face,” says Tanzi. “All the oils and debris on the hands and fingers can clog pores, which can lead to breakouts.”

The way to stop touching pimples and your face? Not so easy, try these to help:

  • Remind yourself the broken skin and redness can scare
  • Substitute the behaviour with journaling or chewing gum
  • Hide your mirror and avoid looking in it when you know you have a spot
  • Clip your nails so you can’t pick easily

Mecca is my go to for any products, they have a great amount of reviews online so you can do some proper research into other peoples thoughts and experiences. If you want to be super savvy I would recommend shopping around for the best prices but i enjoy the perks of Mecca – you get complimentary make up for your birthday and a little box of goodies when you spend a certain amount.

Adore Beauty has a large range of products and prices are competitive.

Sephora do the best range of face masks and in store are always willing to give you samples, more than any other store.

For those interested this is what I personally use:

The moisturiser i have used the most and swear by is Sunday Riley C.E.O – it smells like oranges and gives my skin a dewy glow. I find it really thick, so a lot goes far and it evens out my skin tone really well.

I also use Dr Dennis Gross for my skin once a week to effectively give myself a peel, disclaimer it can be quite harsh on some skin tones. I recently learnt that you cannot shrink pores, so the advertisements that try and tell you that expensive products can, are not accurate. Thanks Dr pimple popper for that info.

I use Good Genes for my night time routine and morning regularly to keep myself feeling like i have a night routine. What I find the best about the night routine, is it prepares me for bed – I know when i have done it, i am ready to brush my teeth and hop into bed.


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