Dating is hard when you can’t even get a text back

So the boy you like, doesn’t like you back anymore - big deal right !? Then why do you have crushing anxiety and a serious case of sad feels all wrapped up in a rejection sized sweater.  Ever read the book 'He's just not that into you!?' Well I did, twice, and it's only now … Continue reading Dating is hard when you can’t even get a text back


Been Ghosted? Here’s why it happens

What sounds like a word from a Nickelodeon TV show is a harsh reality that has spread like wildfire in the dating world for singles, so what exactly is ghosting? Huffington Post describes "Ghosting" as when someone you're dating ends the relationship by cutting off all communication, without any explanation. And we're not talking about … Continue reading Been Ghosted? Here’s why it happens

Being alone isn’t lonely

Being alone doesn’t mean you are lonely, there are plenty of women who prefer eating out alone or going to the movies solo and it's not taboo - its liberating. What perplexes our parents but gives hope to our married friends is how fulfilling it can be, being single. Being ‘self-partnered’ is choosing to focus … Continue reading Being alone isn’t lonely

Why do I have to online date?

Online dating is awful, I mean is there any other word that accurately describes it better? At the starting point it's choosing photographs that you don't pout in, make sure you look like you have friends oh and write something good in your Bio. That's not even the most daunting part of it all, then … Continue reading Why do I have to online date?